Others who helped re-create the Café as the Royal Alexandra Hall


A visit to the museum website at www.trainsdeluxe.com illustrates what the museum is about, and what it has accomplished since 1976. The restoration of this large room, in relation to the railcar restoration work already undertaken at the museum since 1977, was not daunting to the museum. It was expensive work. Fundraising is essential to completing such large projects.

Those people, groups, or businesses who appreciate heritage Canadian architecture, helped fund the final restoration by donation, or through estate planning and wills. Donations of old photographs, printed material, and memories of visits to the "café" was yet another way to assist the project.

For instance, residents of Winnipeg, who remember this special room, are a part of its history with a special place in its story, and the museum heard from many of them.

The museum is run by the Cranbrook Archives, Museum, and Landmark (CAMAL) Foundation, which is a registered charity, therefore donations are income tax deductible.

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