Major Contributors to the Project

Instrumental for the project to begin was an announcement on October 29, 1999, by MLA for Kootenay, Erda Walsh, of a grant of $150,000 towards the purchase and initial preparation costs, matching the museum's own fund-raising efforts. The project also provided for a suitable shell to contain and safely preserve the room, and to provide connections to the new museum complex.

This major BC government contribution was soon followed by others, ensuring the success of the Project.


 $150,000  Announced October, 1999




 Announced April, 2000
 Announced December, 2002


 Announced March, 2000

(also sponsored the museum railcar relocation to the new site, September, 2002)

 $82,000   Announced May, 2000
$175,000   Announced December, 2002




  Announced March, 2000

  Announced March 2002


Job Creation Program 





  Announced June, 2000

  Announced August, 2001

  Announced February, 2002

  Announced January, 2003



 Announced Summer, 2001
 (oak floor in Royal Alexandra Hall)




BC Department of Heritage annual award to Garry Anderson, Executive Director of the Museum. This award came with $10,000 towards the charity of his choice, which was the museum and provided the last third of the cost of the oak floor of the Royal Alexandra Hall.