July, 2000

(B) Moving of the original room contents (panels, lights, etc.) from storage to the display shell


20 & 21) - one of 16 main upright oak pilasters (Main oak panels for the walls)


22) - one of the 26 intermediate vertical oak panels located between the main pilasters and the door units

Doors, door trim 23 & 24) - one the 8 unique double French doors with Art Nouveau curved glass.
25) - one piece of vertical side trim which surrounds the doors   26) - one of the main horizontal lintels spanning the door units
27) - the curved piece located directly under the lintel which matches the top of the French door curve   * windows
28) - one the 5 large lower windows - each one is nearly 4 inches thick of solid oak.
(Decorative Plaster Work)    
29) - one of the 16 "capitals" for the tops of the main pilasters - only1 good one remains - the rest are being replicated   30) - one of 100 decorative "brackets" for the upper cornice banding the room - all are in good shape.

To (C) restoration work beginning on the light fixtures and chandeliers before mounting in the display shell.