(C) restoration work beginning on the light fixtures and chandeliers before mounting in the display shell.

31) - one of the massive upper chains for the 8 chandeliers with top cap - all are hand- forged   32) - comparing the size of the upper chain links to a human foot
33) - one of the sets of lower chain units containing 4 smaller chains and the "crown ring" support.   34) - detail of the crown ring support
35) - another detail of the crown ring support    

36) - one of the massive main chandelier rings for supporting the glass fixtures and filigree - this hangs from the bottom of the 4 smaller chains
  37) - another detail of the main chandelier ring
38) - main chandelier ring showing hand forged filigree decoration   39) - detail of one of the filigree decorations

40) - one of 16 main pilaster light sconces which would contain 4 smaller square fixtures
  41) - one of 4 special corner light sconces

42) - showing three of the different light fixtures with original pointil glass.

  • on the left is an 8-sided unit for the middle of the 8 main chandeliers
  • at centre is a small square unit used for the edges of the main chandeliers (4 each) and for the 12 wall sconces (2 each)
  • at the right is one of the single units from the 4 corner units.

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