September, 2000.

(B) - Continued interior work, including cornice replication
53) the exterior of the large windows being cleaned before being sealed by the new special permanent storm windows   54) the large storm windows are up, protecting the inner oak windows, providing ultraviolet filters, energy efficiency, and vandal inhibitor features. A later project will see the tall awnings, exterior brick, and cornice completed.
55) light finally appears through the original windows.   56) restoration of the hand-forged metal chandelier parts begin
57) four of the 96 corbels (decorative brackets) in various stages of restoration - needed for the decorative interior cornice.   58) a detail of work being done on a corbel
59) determining stud locations on the interior walls for mounting the replicated cornice  

60) lifting a capital into place in the prototype replication of the cornice containing a single corbel

61) the single remaining good capital in place for measuring - 13 more capitals are being specially molded for the room.   62) the spectacular vaulted ceiling curving overhead from the paneled wall
63) several of the French doors have been opened to give the idea of the size of the room - as yet there is no wiring for the original lights, with illumination depending on the windows.   64) graining the replicated cornice to match the original plaster cornice which had been grained to simulate oak.
65) beginning the installation the cornice above the oak panels and doors   66) various stages of restoration of the 96 decorative corbels for the cornice
67) a line up of completed corbels   68) a close up of a completed grained corbel with bronzed highlights on the side decoration just prior to mounting.

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