October, 2000.

( A) - Interior Cornice Work
69) Mounting the grained cornice backboard to the shell frame at the 13 foot height  
70) close-up view of installation of the restored corbels (brackets) into the cornice frame
71) a wider view of the corbel installation in the cornice   72) a corner view with the "banding"effect of the cornice on the room
(B) - Chandelier Restoration and Mounting - the original chandeliers were hand-forged unique creations for the room, and were not done anywhere else.
73) One of the replicated (small) lower chains for the chandeliers (only 8 of the 32 smaller chains total were missing)   74) One of the large upper chains mounted to the arches with the intermediate crown (about 5 feet in depth)
75) Four of the smaller chains hanging from the intermediate crown (these are about 6 feet in depth)   76) Hanging the large lower decorative chandelier ring from the four smaller chains

77) A view of one of the chandeliers (the 5 glass shades will be attached later (the total drop (depth) of the chandeliers is about 12 feet)

  78) A view of the chandeliers with the completed cornice in the background (the original architectural design of the room is becoming increasingly apparent)
  79) A wider view of the room with the architectural qualities starting to appear. The final architectural elements will now be done:

  • the restored wall sconce lights on the oak columns around the room
  • the large grained cove mouldings in all 15 bays of the curved ceiling
  • the 5 large grained skylight grids with their amber glass
  • the replicated bronzed capitals on the tops of the oak columns to support the cornice
  • the replicated bronzed dentils in the upper curved portion of the end walls
  • the 4 large bronzed heraldic crests in the upper curved end walls between the dentils.
  • the installation of the leaded pointil glass shades on all chandeliers and wall sconce lights.
   (80) Casting contractor preparing the curve for the decorative dentil casting

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