November, 2000

(A) Site & Context Preparation Work

(81) Signs placed outside the south-west doors of the Royal Alexandra Hall signifying the placement of two of the future three permanent display tracks. The one on the left is for the 800-foot long set of the 1929 Trans-Canada Limited, while the one on the right for the 700-foot long set of the 1907 Soo Spokane Train Deluxe (which also ran through Cranbrook and was contemporary with the Royal Alexandra Hotel).

(82) Alignment of the present temporary railcar storage yard (left) with the Royal Alexandra Hall in the distance.

(83 & 84) - Illustrating the continued site landscape development using relocated mature trees; the left shows the site before. At the right, a view after a mature "Mugho Pine" has been relocated to the 1000-foot long landscape strip along the new museum site. This is also beside the Trans-Canada Trail which runs through the whole site.

(85) Behind the new Prestige Hotel is the new lead-in track to the display tracks at the new site. These tracks bring the display train sets to within 25 feet of the Royal Alexandra Hall.

(86) A close-up of the lead-in track and the re-alignment of the tracks in the present storage yard. This yard will disappear and the entire collection of over 30 railcars and locomotives will be consolidated onto the new permanent display tracks.

(87) Beginning the foundations of the connecting facilities between the Royal Alexandra Hall and the historic 1898 Railway Freight Shed.

(88) View of the footings of the future side reception hall to be built alongside the Royal Alexandra Hall, for access through 5 of the French door sets

(89) Foundation work at the font of the complex showing the Royal Alexandra Hall on the left and the Freight Shed in the distance.

(B) Casting replicas of the capitals and dentils

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