June/2001 (continued)

(C) Final Interior Work


(147) Interior View of completed Royal Alexandra Hall prior to dedication showing chandeliers, windows and French doors.
(148) The original Maitre D Desk, donated by Donni Stern, in the Royal Alexandra Hall, and ready for the dedication ceremony.  
(149) Some of the Sponsor Banners hung in the Main Entrance Hall for the dedication.    

June 16, 2001

Royal Alexandra Hall Dedication
(150) Cranbrook Girls' Bugle Band entering the Main Entrance Hall to begin the preliminary ceremony   (151) Barbershop quartet singing "Alexandra's Ragtime Band" from upper level in Main Entrance Hall. This entire Hall was hung with banners carrying the names of all eight major sponsors
(152) From right to left, Garry Anderson, Museum Executive Director, Donni Stern, and her daughter Jocelyn Katz watching the preliminary ceremony in the Main Entrance Hall   (153) Crowd assembled in the Royal Alexandra Hall awaiting the entrance of Mrs. Stern (view to the right of the room with the five double French doors)
(154) The piper appears ahead of Mrs. Stern   (155) Mrs. Stern escorted by an Royal Canadian Mounted Police
(156) Mrs. Stern entering the room for the first time since 1971   (157) Various speakers bringing greetings and best wishes (view to the left side of the room with the tall windows)
(158) The dedication plaque for the Royal Alexandra Hall.    

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