December 15, 1910



Twenty-one of the miners who lost their lives in the Bellevue disaster were buried at Blairmore on Tuesday afternoon. Many miners and others arrived from Coleman at noon. A train of twenty cars brought the dead and many hundreds of mourners and friends from Bellevue and Frank.

Flags were at half mast. Two hands met the mournful procession. The dead were buried in three trenches, fifteen in the Protestant cemetery and six in the Catholic. Miners of all the Pass towns were present and the Eagle lodge from Coleman and a thousand people marched behind the dead.

People everywhere spoke in subdued tones, there was no hilarity. A fearful loss of life bereaving so many widows and orphans had touched the people's hearts. It was a day never to be forgotten in Blairmore.

The service in the case of several of the men was conducted by Rev. TD Jones, of Bellevue, assisted by Revs. Murray, Coleman, and Langlois and Hunter, Blairmore.

Service was also read by President Powell, of District 18, U.M.W. of A.

The body of John Doskar, the last of the victims to be found, was recovered on Monday evening in one of the workings and will be buried later.

The very fullest possible investigation is being mae by the Alberta authorities into the causes and conditions surrounding the mine disaster at Bellevue, with the horrors of which that province has been daily shocked.

This information was given to the Alberta legislature on Monday afternoon by Premier Sifton in answer to a question from Chas. O'Brien, the Socialist member, at the opening of the house, as to what steps were being taken.

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