Business Car, British Columbia (1928)

This car is very much in its original condition, surviving in company use until 1982 without any major alterations. The original brass-railed open platform at the end of the car still survives in an unpainted condition. Of all the cars in the collection, this one is the closest to its original condition.
The 'British Columbia'  
The business car British Columbia as it originally appeared shortly after it was built.

The car was built along with eight similar cars between 1928 and 1930 to supply shorter, but fully equipped business cars for CPR general superintendents. The British Columbia was designated for the western division, working most of the time out of Vancouver. For the last years of its use, it was based in the Kootenay division out of Nelson, visiting Cranbrook regularly. It was donated to the museum by the CPR in 1983.

Its interior is nearly all original, with a sitting room, master bedroom (with en suite washroom and shower), a main washroom with shower, a secretary's bedroom, a dining room seating 8, a steward's room, and a small galley.

The electrical system is still 32-volt, with all original fixtures, and most of the original plumbing still survives. Other than two chairs, all other furniture is still in the car.

The wood is Honduran mahogany, still it its original varnished condition. In 1991, this car underwent a major 'conservation' treatment to clean these varnishes of built-up cigarette smoke, coal dust, and general dirt trapped by many layers of polishing wax. Two professional conservators spent 8 weeks to clean the surfaces and return the wood to a brighter condition.

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