In 1908, this album was published to celebrate a decade of growth and prosperity in Cranbrook. The 20 pages can be accessed through a table of contents (below), or you can click on the lower left corner of the album page to go to the next page.

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Baker StreetBaker Street (two views)
Bird's-Eye View of Cranbrook, B.C., showing its natural park in the foreground.

[Canadian Bank of Commerce, Public School and St. Eugene Hospital]
Cranbrook's First Board of Trade, June 1899
[Cranbrook's Churches]
Mr. E. C. Smith's Ranch
A Cranbrook Beauty Spot
A Day's Sport near Cranbrook
Elk River Canyon
St. Mary's Falls
Rocky Mountains as Seen from Cranbrook
Sailing on Moyie Lake, near Cranbrook
[Scenes along the Crowsnest Railway Route]
The Fink Mercantile Company
[Scenes related to the Logging Industry]
[Scenes related to the Mining Industry]
[Residential Street Views]
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