A complete set of 4 cars of the 1936 lightweight semi-streamlined equipment has now been assembled at the museum. The first car arrived in1982, while the last car arrived in July, 2000.

The set chosen for interpretation is the Chinook - the set operating between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.
Two other sets operated; one between Toronto and Windsor, known as the Royal York, and another between Montreal and Quebec City.

This special Canadian-designed equipment was an attempt to reduce operating costs (important during the lean years of the Great (economic) Depression of the 1930's. The cars were exhibited all across Canada on special promotional trips in the summer of 1939 - appearing in Cranbrook in early September of that year.

The set includes:

1) Mail-express car # 3612, (received in 1993)

2) Combination baggage-buffet-coach # 3051 (received in 2000)

3) First Class coach # 2104 (received in 1995)

4) FIrst Class & Smoking car # 1700 (received in 1982)

The 1936 Chinook represents the SECOND COMPLETE COMPARATIVE SET at the museum after the 1929 Trans Canada Limited .

The website will be further developed as the cars are restored from post-site relocation in late 2002.

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