2.1 The Galbraith Ranch House

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  2.1 The Galbraith Ranch House (circa 1885). In 1871, Robert Galbraith preempted the basin of land, known as Joseph’s Prairie, from the Provincial government and developed it as a farm. He built the log house shown here. Col Baker purchased the property from Galbraith about 1885, but the ranch burned soon after. Baker then built a new structure by 1888 to serve as a residence (top floor) and a trading post (main floor). He developed this as Cranbrook Farm, named after his ancestral home of Cranbrook, Kent, England, on the main route between London and Hastings. The Baker house was renovated/restored in 1898, and again in 1909. In very deteriorated condition, the house was almost used for fire training purposes in the late 1970’s, but in 1982 it was completely renovated/restored by the Cranbrook Archives, Museum and Landmark Foundation at its original location at 1601-1st St. S. It is now a formally-designated heritage building and is the oldest in the city. It is also one of the oldest buildings in this part of the Province still at its original location. CBK.1976.033.002

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