6.5 A passenger train at the station platform

  6.5 A passenger train at the station platform (circa 1920). Railway passenger travel was always important to Cranbrook as it connected the city to the outside world. Since the city was also the railway divisional centre, passenger trains were serviced here and the City was a major stop on all schedules. The early Kootenay Express
and Kettle Valley Express connected Medicine Hat on the mainline to the east, with Vancouver to the west and ran until the early 1960’s, when passenger travel was discontinued on the southern mainline route. The luxurious Soo-Spokane Train Deluxe (1907-1914) was an important international train and was the most prestigious train to ever operate through Cranbrook, connecting Minneapolis, MN and Spokane, WA through Moose Jaw, Lethbridge, Cranbrook and the border at Kingsgate. It was run by the CPR and its subsidiary, the Soo Line in the Midwest USA as a major competitor to the USA northern railways, and symbolized Canadian competition with the
USA. A set of this legendary train has been preserved at the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel here in Cranbrook. CBK.1990.053.026

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