13.4 The Cranbrook Hotel

  13.4 The Cranbrook Hotel – (1897 –1900-1907). This was the first major building in Cranbrook, with the earliest part built in 1997 at the corner of Baker St and 8th Ave. This photo shows the 3-storey 1907 addition at the corner, which had replaced the original 1897 hotel. The 1900 addition is to the right with its sloped roof now hidden by a false front on the 3d storey to match the roof line of the corner addition. The early 1897 hotel at the corner had been physically moved back across the lane to become the “Cranbrook Hotel Annex” to make way fro the 1907 building, and connected over the lane to the main hotel. The Annex burned in the 1930’s, but the other parts of the hotel still survive, although greatly deteriorated. It was considered “the place to stay” in the City for many years due to its proximity to the railway station. CBK.1980.075.006b

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