15.3 Baker Street - To the east

  15.3 To east - 1929. This view shows a more developed Baker St. with several brick buildings that started in 1906. To the far left, on the north side of Baker, is the Imperial Bank (1909), which replaced the Townsite Sales Office. The Royal Bank faces west onto Cranbrook St., across from the Moffat Building turret. On the right (south) side of Baker in the distance is the Clock Tower of the Post Office (1912) at the corner of 10th, and just beyond that is the tall Norbury Office Block. At the far (east) end of Baker is the imposing Courthouse placed strategically in the middle of Baker between 12th and 13th Aves. which defined the east end of Cranbrook’s main street for many decades. (See also frame # 4.4) CBK. 033.0091976.

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