18.1 Aerial View of Cranbrook from the south-west


18.1 Aerial View of Cranbrook from the south-west, early 1930’s. The route of the highway and the railway through the city at an angle is prevalent. The largest street angling across the bottom of the map is 4th St S. which was the city limit by 1912. 4th Ave is at the far left, and only goes as far as 3d St.S at that time. At the upper left is long narrow roof of the Railway Freight Shed while further along is the station with its gardens. The Courthouse can be seen placed in the center of Baker St at its east end at the upper middle. Crestbook’s pile of wood chips and sawdust is the large items in the upper left middle across the railway tracks from the downtown,
and the large building with a white roof at the top middle is the old (indoor) ice arena on 2nd St.N at 13th Ave. (with natural ice) built in the 1920’s, but removed in the 1960’s. The Manual Training School and Central School are just to the left of that. CBK.2001.001.005


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