Other Train Sets, Interpretive and Cars-Of-State ...

Cranbrook is well situated to become home to a museum of this scope. The current museum site already contains prime cars beyond those of the Trans-Canada Limited such as the beautiful and rare 1907 "Curzon" from the legendary joint Soo-CPR service— the Soo-Spokane Train De Luxe. The luxurious "Strathcona" (1927), built for the CPR's Board of Directors, was used on trains for the Prince of Wales in 1927, Sir Winston Churchill at the Quebec conference of 1943, and by Princess Elizabeth in 1951, the year before she became queen. These two cars have been designated Canadian Cultural Property, the highest artifact designation in Canada. Another Cultural Property car, the "Omemee", a luxurious Soo sleeper joined the collection in the summer of 1998.

The 1929 sleeper Redvers, is a modernized version of the restored Rutherglen, and is used in a comparison manner to show up-grading of cars carried out by railways over the years. It will someday also become the moving-simulation car for heightened interpretation. A 1928 wooden caboose gives a stark comparison between freight crew quarters and the luxury of first class passenger accommodation.

Four more train sets of different eras, plus interpretive cars, royal cars, and cars of state are now arriving to make what is perhaps the world's most comprehensive and integrated collection of complete passenger train sets.

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