The Freight Shed - 1898

The Freight Shed in 1916
This is one of the earliest buildings in Cranbrook erected in the fall of 1898 immediatly after the arrival of the railway. Two additions were built over the next 12 years to result in the 155-foot long structure of today.

The Freight Shed before 1994
The structure continued as a freight shed until the 1970's, then converting to a building supply business. During its last days of use to 1994, it was an Antique Sales and restoration shop.

The City acquired the building in 1994 for Museum Development, giving it to the museum for restoration and rehabilitation.


The museum began a stabilization and repair of the structure in 1995, and substantial interior work was done the next year. The building was moved about 350 feet further north onto a new foundation in 1999, as a major part of the new museum.

It is now the north wing of the new museum complex.

The Freight Shed today
The main floor, of approximately 5,000 square feet, houses four self-contained exhibition galleries, a "Long Gallery," offices, washrooms, and a restaurant. The lower floor is as big with a new orientation theatre, a permanent model railway display, washrooms, a viewable large main restoration workshop and a multi-purpose class-room.

The lower level will also feature the permanent display of the Crowsnest Railway Route Centennial Exhibit developed in August of 1998.

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