Photo-Documentation of the Museum's Move, September 2002

1. September 8, 2001 to Setpember 10, 2002
Final Site Preparation for Museum Relocation


(176) Digging trenches for the first of three permanent display tracks, each about 800 feet long

  (177) Laying track
  (178) Filling track for leveling
  (179) Hand-tamping track to stabilize and support the weight of cars without subsiding
  (180) Grading fill to top of rail after track stabilization
  (181) Lifting wheels sets (for future car $ 621) to another track to allow work to proceed
  (182) Towing cars along site to help compress tracks for stablization
  (183) Dismantling of viewing corridors between display cars at old museum site
  (184) Dismantling viewing corridors continuing, roofs completely off.
  (185) Dismantling viewing corridor roofs seen from top, with water tower in background
  (186) Temporary track constructed across King St. to connect museum tracks with active railway tracks

To: September 11 through September 13, 2002: The Move of the Museum railcar collection to the new site