Photo-Documentation of the Museum's Move, September 2002

2. September 11 through September 13, 2002
The Move of the Museum railcar collection to the new site

  (187) Moving first line of cars out of site on temporary track.
  (188) Moving the delicate 1906 wooden railcar Omemee across the temporary track
  (189) Part of the Canadian Pacific Railway crew of 33 that assisted in the 3-day move. The move was a major donation on the part of the railway.
  (190) One of the lines of museum cars stored on CPR tracks waiting for movement into the new site. Altogether, there were 34 cars involved in the move, which if placed end-to-end would total over half a mile or about 1 kilometer of cars.
  (191) The old museum site view to south-west from the Elko Station showing empty tracks where 14 cars used to be displayed
  (192) The old museum site view to north-east from the Elko Station showing empty tracks where 14 cars used to be displayed. Two historic "ALCO" diesel A & B units have been placed here for permanent outdoor display
  (193) The 7-car set of the 1929 "Trans-Canada Limited" being moved onto track #1 at the new site- view to north-east
  (194) The set of cars of the 1929 ""Trans-Canada Limited" finally in place on track #1 facing Van Horne St.S (highway 3/95). This was the first time since September of 1930 that this train was placed in the proper order with the entire consist.
  (195) View to trains from outside the security fence showing the 3 styles of "tailend-cars", Solarium Lounge Car "River Rouge" (Trans-Canada Limited, 1929) at left on track #1, the Compartment-Observation-Library-Buffet Car "Curzon" (Soo-Spokane Train Deluxe,, 1907) in centre on track #2, and the 1928 Business Car "British Columbia" at the right on track #3. The Royal Alexandra Hall is to the immediate right.

To October through December 2002: Final Site and Building Preparation