Photo-Documentation of the Museum's Move, Summer 2003

4. Trains Display Work (arrival of fragile wooden cars # 52 & # 621 to new site)

  (227) Preparing # 621 for move by truck at City Building Yard where it had been stored since 1990
  (228) Car # 621 arriving in centre platform between tracks # 2 and #3 and set up on blocking
  (229) Car # 621 un-wrapped for inspection and re-wrapping for winter storage
  (230) Side view of car #621 partially unwrapped with windows still covered by sheathing and awaiting sideways transfer onto wheel sets on track #2 in the Soo-Spokane Train Deluxe line-up (car Omemee in background)
  (231) Side view of car # 52 completely unwrapped for inspection and awaiting transfer onto track #2 in the Pacific Express line-up (baggage car #4144 of the Soo train is in background)
  (232) End of car #52 prior to re-wrapping for winter storage

To 5. Fall/Winter 2003-2004: Interior Finishing of Main Buildings: Palm Court and Reception Hall