Photo-Documentation of the Museum's Construction, Fall / Winter 2003-2004

5. Fall/Winter 2003-2004: Interior Finishing of Main Buildings: Palm Court and Reception Hall

  (233) Palm Court - oak door frames to Royal Alexandra Hall being installed
  (234) Palm Court - drywall sheathing completed with skylight openings
  (235) Palm Court - skylight glazing installation and mounting of glass wall for display room for the 1894 John Broadwood & Sons concert grand piano.
  (236) Palm Court - Tiffany replica stained glass ceiling and wall light fixtures being mounted
  (237) Palm Court - one of four period evening gowns (1906) being prepared for display in piano room
  (238) Reception Hall - drywall sheathing begins
  (239) Reception Hall -installation of original Royal Alexandra Hotel café storm windows for viewing into future gift shop
  (240) Reception Hall - framing of the double arches at the SW end looking to the trains
  (241) Reception Hall - drywall sheathing completed - view to trains displays at SW end
  (242) Reception Hall - taping and mudding begins on the double arches
  (243) Reception Hall - taping and mudding of Hall completed
  (244) Reception Hall - painting completed - same view as previous photo
  (245) Reception Hall - view to trains displays on axis
  (246) Reception Hall - first small buffet held in the Hall for a Royal Alexandra Hall function.
  (247) Reception Hall - first large buffet and display in Hall for Royal Alexandra Hall function

To Fall/Winter 2003-2004: Interior Finishing of Main Buildings: Main Entrance Hall and Exterior