Photo-Documentation of the Museum's Construction, 2003-2004

8a. Trains Displays Viewing Corridor Construction continues between track #1 & #2

  (275) corridor structure and bracing - seen from Royal Alexandra Hall (NE end)
  (276) corridor floor being installed

8b. Trains Displays - centre platform views between tracks #2 & #3

  (277) Centre platform view to Reception Hall window/door - to NE end
  (278) Same view about 1/3 way down the trains display site
  (279) Same view about 2/3 way down the trains display site
  (280) Same view at far SW end of trains display site (almost 1000 feet distance)

8c. Main Entrance Hall - original Hotel lobby, artifacts added

  (281) Carved oak capital from original hotel lobby elevator pilaster - placed in Main Entrance Hall on upper level entrance to future Freight Shed galleries
  (282) Cast iron mount for end of sloped railing in Main Entrance Hall
  (283) Carved oak head from end of main staircase railing in original hotel lobby - now mounted on the lower end of the sloped railing in the Main Entrance Hall

8d. "Soft Opening" of the Royal Alexandra Hall for full public use April 2004

  (284) Royal Alexandra Hall - final cleaning and empty with late afternoon light entering SW end
  (285) Royal Alexandra Hall - concert seating for up to 280
  (286) Royal Alexandra Hall - set up for dinner for 184
  (287) Royal Alexandra Hall - detail of table setting