Railway History Mandate: Documents and Information


1. The Railway Collections


2. Development of the Railway Museum: 1976 to date

    3. National Significance of the Railway Museum and its Collections
    4. Context Maps for the railcar collection in Cranbrook & Cranbrook’s location context in the North American railway systems.
    5. The Railway Museum Heritage Site & Infrastructure Development
    6. The Railway Museum Site Relocation (2002-03)
    7. Other Collections & Facilities at the Railway Museum

8. Other Related Railway Museum Planning Documents

    9. The Historic Crowsnest Railway Route of the Canadian Pacific Railway (1898)

10. Interpretive Video (2000)- The Trans-Canada Limited (1929) (downloadable)

    11. Other Museum Site Maps (downloadable in PDF format)
    12. Time Travel BC for Historic Trains

Museum Location

The museum is located on Hwy 3/95 and Baker Street (57 Van Horne Street South) in downtown Cranbrook. There are marked entrances & exits for the parking lots along the front of the Museum, with areas reserved for buses, small cars and RV's.


Visit the the Trains-Deluxe Website for museum tours, events and information.


Unless otherwise noted, photographs and images are from the Cranbrook Historical Archives at the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel.
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Last update: 1 September 2011