CHAP. 52.

An Act respecting the British Columbla Southern Railway Company.

[Assented to 7th May, 1900.]

WHEREAS the British Columbia Southern Railway Company has, by its petition, prayed that it be enacted as hereinafter set forth, and it is expedient to grant the prayer of the said petition: Therefore Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:—

  1. The British Columbia Southern Railway Company may complete on or before the thirty-first day of December, one thousand nine hundred and four, the western section of its railway, being that portion thereof between the western terminus of its central section on the Lower Kootenay River and the coast, by the most convenient route to a favourable place for crossing the Fraser River to the city of New Westminster, such route to be first approved of by the Governor in Council, thence to a suitable terminus on Burrard Inlet, including a branch line to Nelson via Salmon River; and also a branch line from a point on its main line at or near the forks of Michel Creek, thence by way of Michel Creek to Martin Creek; provided that as to so much thereof as is not completed on or before that date the powers of the said Company shall cease and determine.

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