Diesel Locomotives on the Crow (4 of 5)

Diesel 8Diesel 9Many of the General Motors SD40-2s were over 20 years old by the mid-1990s and locomotive technology had advanced considerably. This time, for new diesels for the coal trains, Canadian Pacific turned to General Electric. By the 1990s, GE along with General Motors were the only two major locomotive builders surviving in North America. The new GE diesels were in use in the United States and were a highly-successful design (they are called AC4400CWs). Diesels from the first order for 83 of these new diesels were placed in service in 1995 and the company has ordered many more since. These locomotives, numbered in the 9500 series, generate 4400 hp and use alternating-current electrical systems and have computerized controls. Older diesels used direct current systems which, although simpler, could not yield as much power. Three of the new GE diesels can perform the same work as four or five of the older SD40-2 locomotives. The GE locomotives can also be operated as remote control locomotives.

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