Diesel Locomotives on the Crow (5 of 5)

Preserved Diesels

F UnitsDiesels, just like the steam locomotives they replaced, become obsolete and worn out. However, they can be historically important and interesting. The "first generation" diesels were mostly replaced by the mid-1970s by newer and more efficient locomotives. Moreover, some of the "second generation" locomotives that were new in the 1970s are now being replaced, or at least extensively rebuilt. "Third generation" diesels are taking over the most important and demanding assignments on the Canadian Pacific and other railways. Examples of the diesels that replaced steam locomotives on the Canadian Pacific's Crowsnest Pass Route are preserved at several museums in the region.

F UnitsThe Canadian Museum of Rail Travel has General Motors and Montreal Locomotive Works passenger diesels built in the 1950s that were used on the famous passenger trains of that era. At High River, Alberta, the Museum of the Highwood Railway Project displays two Fairbanks-Morse locomotives, a C-Liner passenger diesel and a roadswitcher. At Medicine Hat, Alberta, two General Motors passenger diesels built in 1952 are displayed.

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