Other Existing British Columbia Community Museums and Resources in the Kootenays

(Photos: Robert D. Turner, 1998)

  Rossland Museum and the famous Le Roi Mine
  Air compressor at the Rossland Museum
  The Castlegar Station, 1998. Originally located with the wye where the tracks led west to Grand Forks and south to Trail, the station was relocated outside the yards and is now a beautifully maintained community museum and information centre.
  Nelson Station, 1998. Nelson's large station, built in 1899, was used by the railway until most administrative positions were transferred to other locations.
  Creston Station, -Robert D. Turner Cranbrook Station, 1998.
  C.P.R. Station, Cranbrook (modernized)
  Cranbrook Watertower, 1998. The only steam-era water tower or water tank preserved along the Crowsnest Route in British Columbia is at the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel at Cranbrook. It was moved from its original location in the CPR yards to its imposing site at the Museum.
  Cranbrook Roundhouse, 1998. The roundhouse at Cranbrook, built to service steam locomotives is used by the railway for servicing maintenance vehicles and for storage. The turntable is still used occasionally for turning locomotives and other equipment.
  Cranbrook Freight house, 1998. The freight house in Cranbrook is one of the few structures of its type preserved. It will be included in the expansion of the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel.

Canadian Pacific's superintendent's home at Cranbrook, the Procter House, is a designated heritage building in the city. Canadian Pacific's superintendent's home at Cranbrook, the Procter House, is a heritage building in the city. At 117 - 12th Avenue (Garden Avenue) in the Baker Hill Heritage Area. Substantial restoration was done to the house by the owners in 2002. At one time the Superintendent was responsible for the rail line from Medicine Hat to Kootenay Lake. It is now the CPR House B&B.

  Kimberley Station, 1998. The Kimberley station is used as a restaurant in the centre of the city.
  Windermere Station, 1998. Windermere's beautiful log station, built in 1923, was damaged in a fire in 1975 but was relocated to Invermere and restored where it is the home for the community's fine museum and a prominent feature of the heritage park.
  Fernie Station, 1998. The large station at Fernie has been remodeled as a excellent community centre. The station is painted a striking blue, a colour that historically was not used by the Canadian Pacific for its depots.
  Leitch Colliery Historic Site east of Crowsnest Pass in Alberta.
  The Leitch Colliery power house at the Leitch Colliery Historic Site.
  Nelson's restored streetcar No. 23 operates along the waterfront each summer. Nelson was the only city in the Kootenays to have a streetcar system.
  Crowsnest Mountain.
  Crowsnest Lake and an eastbound CPR train from the Crowsnest Pass National Historic Site monument.