Brochure Cover

Cover of a CPR brochure, c. 1916.

The brochure describes the new Kootenay Lake Hotel and its amenities (next pages) and also contains the following on the Crowsnest Pass Railway Route:

On the Crow's Nest route, crossing the Rockies further south, a pretty and comfortable hotel has been erected by the Canadian Pacific Railway at Balfour, a picturesque promontory on Kootenay Lake. No more delightful round trip could be made than one which included Banff, Lake Louise, Field and Glacier on the main line—then southwards, via Revelstoke and the Arrow Lakes to the Kootenays, making Balfour as the centre for exploration in the mountains and lakes of that exquisitely beautiful region.

Through the construction of the Kootenay Central Railway, through the Kootenay and Columbia valleys, it is now possible to make such a round trip encircled by mountains all the way. The new stretch of line from the Crow's Nest Branch to the main line, at golden with the Rockies on the one hand, and the Selkirk Mountains on the other, is exceptionally picturesque and yet different in character from any other section of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The opening of the Kettle Valley Railway opens up other new vistas to those who come to the Canadian Rockies this year and makes the fruit-growing districts of the Okanagan Valley accessible from the South as well as the North. It is expected that this new line will be available for through passenger traffic in June.

The brochure mentions that this "new first-class hotel at Balfour, B.C., near the junction of the Lootenay River and Kootenay Lake" was open from June 1st to September 30th, and billed it as "an ideal resort for sportsmen and for those seeking rest." The rates were $3.50 per day and upward, American plan.

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