Queen's Bay
A picturesque settlement of fine fruit ranches, distant four miles, may be reached by launch or steamboat or the visitor may go by way of an excellent road along the shores of the lake, passing en route the Bridal Veil Falls.

Distant ten miles and on the west side of the lake, is a mining village, perched on the steep hillside. An interesting series of hot sulphur springs in their natural state, may be reached by five minutes' walk from the wharf.

Coffee Creek
A favorite fishing ground and one of the routes to the Kokanee Glacier. The creek was evidently the scene of much activity in the early days of British Columbia mining, as the trail to the glacier passers the ruins of extensive machinery.

Distant twelve miles, and on the east side of the lake. A day may be profitably spent visiting the historic Blue Bell mine. this was one of the earlier, if not the earliest, mines to operate in British Columbia. Before the days of the white man the wandering Indian crudely smelted the surface ore to obtain lead for his hut.

Balfour forms a convenient base from which to explore the surrounding mountains. In the Kokanee Ridge, which can be reached by way of Coffee Creek or Kokoanee Creek, is a glacier of considerable size, of which little is known to the mountaineering world. Across the lake and somewhat north, is the Purcell Range, a great area of which is unmapped and unknown save to the wandering prospector. Here are dozens of virgin peaks, some of which are in full view of the hotel.

The "outlet" of the lake forms a perfectly safe and delightful place for rowing.
Motor Boating
A number of excellent launches are kept in the hotel livery and the motor-boat enthusiast can plan trips of varying length up to fifty miles.

Visitors can obtain from the hotel boat livery the necessary tackle and equipment to enjoy to the full the fishing that may be had in the vicinity of Balfour. Strong trolling tackle with a large, spoon or artificial minnow, is most effective for salmon, while for rainbow trout the most deadly flies are the Professor, Perchachene, Bell and Royal Coachman.

Motor launches in charge of competent guides, who are familiar with the best fishing frounds, are always available.

Five tennis courts in the hotel grounds are available for the guests. The Annual Tennis Tournament attracts large numbers of visitors to this beautiful locality.

Launch Tariff All-Around Trip from Balfour
To Crawford Bay$4.50
To Kaslo$12.00
To Nelson$12.00
To Ainsworth$5.00
To Grey Creek$6.00
To Riondal$6.00
Launch for half day$7.00
For whole day$12.50

Rowboat Tariff
First hour$ .50
Each additional hour$ .25
More than two persons, per hour$ .50
Per day, irrespective of number$1.50

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