Kootenay Lake Hotel
1. Tennis Courts, Kootenay Lake Hotel, Balfour.    2. Kootenay Lake Hotel from Boat Landing    3. Verandah of Kootenay Lake Hotel
Balfour, B.C.
This, the most modern of the Canadian Pacific mountain hotels, is situated to the south of the Main Line at the end of the Crow's Nest branch.

It is essentially a hotel where the tourist can profitably spend a real holiday. Situated amongst scenery, not so rugged as that of the Rockies in the north, but which has a softer fascination, all its own, it stands high on the shores of a lake and among mountains, which have been favorably compared with the Italian Alps. The climate, too, is that of the Italian lakes—deliciously warm in the daytime and cool at night.
But it is as a fashing, hunting and boating resort, that the Kootenay Lake Hotel has its greatest claim to favor. The lake abounds in rainbow trout and salmon, for the capture of which every facility in the way of boats, guides and equipment, is offered by the hotel.

The wooded sides of the mountain in the near vicinity, contain bear, caribou, white-tailed deer, partridges, etc., all of which can be successfully hunted in their proper season.

There are good trails fro many miles over the mountains, and a wagon road of twenty-one miles has just been completed to the town of Nelson.

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