Kootenay Lake Hotel
1.  Kootenay Lake Hotel, Balfour, B.C.       2.   Crow's Nest Peak        3.  Arrow Lake Steamer
The boat livery is equipped with every description of boat and canoe, both power and otherwise, and long explorations of the shores of the lake can be made, including points of interest, such as the Blue Bell Mine, the Bridal Veil Falls, the Hot Springs, etc.

The beautiful terraced grounds of the hotel form an ideal lounging place from when the tennis players can be watched on the five superb courts which are at the disposal of the guests.

In connection with the hotel is an excellent saddle-horse and carriage livery, and pack horses can be supplied for camping parties on the trails.
The hotel itself is fitted with every modern luxury, and the service is that which has made the term "Canadian Pacific Hotel" a synonym for comfort.


The tariffs quoted in this folder are published only as useful information to the traveling public. The Canadian Pacific Railway Company does not guarantee their correctness, neither does it assume any responsibility for the acts or default of any guide, liveryman, or transfer company.
Many guides and packers are available at the various Canadian mountain resorts, and tourists and others may make such arrangements for their mountain trips, camps, drives, etc., as they desire.

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