Lake Windermere
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3.  Columbia Valley, Windermere District    4.  Sinclair Hot Springs

Lake Windermere

Invermere, B.C., is about half a mile from Athalmer Station (on the line of the recently completed Kootenay Central sub-division of the Canadian Pacific Railway). It is the centre of the Windermere District of the Columbia Valley, a picturesque region, where there has been considerable recent settlement with a view to fruit-growing and mixed farming. Hotel Invermere, commanding an excellent view of the Rocky and Selkirk ranges. (Twenty-five bedrooms—rates, $2.50 to $3.50 per day; G. Starke, manager.)
A nine-hole golf course has been laid out adjoining the hotel and a tennis court is planned for the coming summer.
Lake Windermere is well adapted for boating and launches and skiffs can be secured through the hotel at reasonable rates.
Good trout fishing can be had in the smaller lakes and streams surrounding Invermere. The best places, where the mountain trout variety are found in great number, can be reached in an hour from the hotel by auto.

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