1.  Horseback Party, Horsethief Creek (Photo H.W. Gleason)     2.   Along the Shore of Lake Windermere (Photo H.W. Gleason)
3.  Mt. Bruce (11,500 ft.) (Photo H.W. Gleason)     4.  Spillimachene Station, Columbia Valley

Lake Windermere
Automobiles are available for hire, and many interesting trips can be made over good roads through some of the most wonderful mountain scenery to be found anywhere. Among the various trips might be specially mentioned that around Windermere Lake, going up one side and returning the other, stopping en route at the Fairmont Hot Springs; to Sinclair Hot Springs, with a short run over the Banff-Windermere Road, through Sinclair Canyon, and to Toby Creek Canyon, with its effervescent soda springs. Fine glaciers may be visited at the head of Toby Creek and Horse Thief Creek. The extensive irrigation system at the back of Wilmer is also well worth a visit.

Saddle and pack horses can be obtained and competent guides supplied for those who desire to indulge in big game hunting or mountain climbing. Good paths and trails make camping easy and comfortable.

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