SS Moyie, a photo album

Archival Photographs

  1. SS Moyie Being Built at Nelson (1898)
  2. SS Moyie (c. 1898)
  3. Kootenay Landing Showing SS Moyie at the Wharf (c. 1900)
  4. SS Moyie Approaching Nelson (c. 1900
  5. SS International Racing SS Moyie (c. 1900)
  6. SS Nelson at Lakeside Park with Sir Wilfrid Laurier on Board; SS Moyie in the Background (1901)
  7. The SS Kuskanook and the SS Moyie at Proctor (c. 1907)
  8. The SS Kuskanook and the SS Moyie at Proctor (c. 1907)
  9. SS Moyie (c. 1910)
  10. SS Moyie on Kootenay Lake (c. 1920s)
  11. SS Moyie Approaching Nelson (1927)
  12. SS Moyie and SS Kuskanook at Kaslo (1926)
  13. SS Nasookin and SS Kuskanook, SS Moyie, the tugs Hosmer and Granthall at Proctor (May 1931)
  14. The SS Nasookin and the SS Moyie at Gray Creek (c. 1930s)
  15. SS Moyie near Balfour (1954)
  16. SS Moyie at Kaslo (1968)
  17. SS Moyie at Kaslo (1968)
  18. SS Moyie at Kaslo (1968)

Recent Photographs of the Moyie (Photos: Robert Turner)

  1. The Moyie's elegant Ladies' Saloon restored to ca. 1900 appearance
  2. Second view of Ladies' Saloon
  3. Close up of settee in the Ladies' Saloon
  4. Bulkhead decoration, Ladies' Saloon
  5. The decorative grille between the Dining Saloon and the Ladies' Saloon.
  6. The piano in the Dining Saloon.
  7. The pantry on the Saloon Deck.
  8. The engine room with its steam pumps and controls.
  9. The Moyie's starboard engine.
  10. The Moyie at dockside at Kaslo.
  11. The pilothouse provided the captain with a high view of the lake ahead.
  12. Dockside with crowds aboard the steamer.
  13. Visitors are ready to board the Moyie, just as travellers did a century ago...
  14. Dining room during restoration.
  15. The Moyie in May 1989 as structural repairs and repainting begin.
  16. Deck repairs, July 1989. Replacement wood was milled to match exactly the original.
  17. Examples of curtain fabrics found in the walls of the Ladies' Saloon.
  18. Crystal Moon checks for flakes of paint on the bulkheads after traces of original decorations were discovered.
  19. John Butler prepares to repaint the Ladies' Saloon.