SS Moyie, restoration (1 of 5)

The Moyie at dockside at Kaslo

The Moyie is truly remarkable as a beautiful heritage vessel capturing the charm and elegance of the late-Victorian period. Moreover, it is the oldest known intact vessel of its type in the world. The Moyie is typical of similar sternwheelers operated throughout the western United States, western Canada, Alaska and the Yukon and in the Northwest Territories. Similar vessels also ran in Australia and in South America.

After its retirement in April 1957, the Moyie was acquired by the village of Kaslo and operated by the Kootenay Lake Historical Society as a museum. Later, the steamer was designated a National Historic Site. In 1988 a major restoration effort started that has seen the old sternwheeler transformed. The community museum artifacts that were being stored and displayed on the vessel were removed from the vessel and major structural work began. Major projects included building a new steel cradle, installing a sprinkler system and repairing to the decks and bulkheads.

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