SS Moyie, restoration (2 of 5)

The decorative grille between the Dining Saloon and the Ladies' Saloon. The photo also shows the hardwood parquet flooring and gold leaf stencilling.
The Moyie is being restored to reflect all of her early charm and elegance. After careful research and many hours of meticulous work, the passenger deck is being returned to its ca. 1900 appearance. By the time the restoration began, no one could be found who remembered the Moyie when it first went into service in 1898.

Crystal Moon checks for flakes of paint on the bulkheads after traces of original decorations were discovered.
Only after work commenced and crews began removing flaked and peeling paint was it discovered how ornate and elegant the old steamer had been.

Bulkhead decoration, Ladies' Saloon
Gold leaf stencilling, gold pin striping, elaborate raised decorations, beautiful lighting fixtures and carefully coordinated colours were all features of the cabins. The Ladies' Saloon had elegant settees upholstered in crimson velvet plush and the dining room had a beautiful hardwood parquet floor which had been hidden under heavy, brown linoleum.

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