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Examples of curtain fabrics found in the walls of the Ladies' Saloon.
One of the exciting discoveries was made deep in the walls of the cabins. Below all of the windows in the Ladies' Saloon, the Dining Saloon and the Men's Smoking Room are cavities that the windows are lowered into. Over the years of Moyie's career, hundreds of objects fell into these spaces and remained there largely undisturbed until restoration work began on the boat. The restoration crew found hair ribbons, curtain ties and hardware, candy wrappers, beer bottle caps and wrappers, cigar and cigarette papers and packages, combs, mirrors, coins, children's story books, school text books, drawings, drinking cups and many other items. These have given us many clues about life on board telling us what people wore, ate, drank and did while travelling on the Moyie as much as 100 years ago.

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