SS Moyie, restoration (5 of 5)

John Butler prepares to repaint the Ladies' Saloon.

Unfortunately, there are very few photographs of the interior of the Moyie or other sternwheelers. The restoration has been based mostly on information gathered on the Moyie. Painting is determined by the original colours found under many layers of paint. Decorations were discovered under the paint and carefully reconstructed.

The Moyie's restoration is a remarkable example of careful historical preservation and fascinating interpretation. All the work has been sytematically documented and the files are available for visitors to study. Work crews have learned many techniques in shipbuilding, carpentry, upholstery and interior decoration. Often the work has been slow, because the Moyie is very special and deserves to be treated with great care. Early on in the work it became clear that it was better to take a little longer and to do things right as is appropriate for a National Historic Site as important as the Moyie.