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Spokane InternationalSpokane International Railway, Train No. 1, arrving at Union Station (Spokane) from Kingsgate, B.C., n.d.
Collection: Phillip C. Johnson

After the termination of the Soo-Pacific, passenger service continued to be offered over the Spokane International until the 1950s. Trains to and from Spokane connected with the Canadian Pacific's Kettle Valley Express and Kootenay Express at Yahk. In Spokane, passengers could still connect with trains through to Portland and elsewhere but the luxury service of the Soo-Pacific was never re-established.

The Soo-Spokane or Soo-Pacific Train de Luxe, passenger train is being restored to its pre-First World War splendour at the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel at Cranbrook. The cars are superb examples of the finest craftsmanship in railway car building and the train is an outstanding railway restoration project.

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