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Kootenay Lake Hotel

Kootenay Lake Hotel, c. 1915

When the CPR was built through the Canadian Rockies in the 1880s the company began promoting the beautiful scenery for tourism. Hotels were opened at first to service primarily as meal stops for passengers but soon they were expanded to major facilities and new hotels were added to the growing system. The company's hotels at Banff and Lake Louise became world famous.

Before the First World War the CPR began to encourage tourism to the Kootenays and a hotel was built on the shore of Kootenay Lake at Balfour east of Nelson. Opened in 1911, the Kootenay Lake Hotel was beautifully situated and was served by the steamers of the British Columbia Lake & River Service which connected with train services through the Crowsnest Pass. The hotel was closed for a time during the war and in 1917 was opened as a convalescent home for soldiers during the war. Soldiers suffering from tuberculosis were treated there. Closed during the 1920s, the hotel was demolished in 1929.

A promotional tourist brochure published by the Canadian Pacific Railway in about 1916 on the Resorts in the Canadian Rockies contained some of the highlights that might be enjoyed by the traveller along the Crowsnest Pass Railway Route.

Archival Photos of the Kootenay Lake Hotel at Balfour

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