Curzon - Story of a Railway Car

Today, the Curzon is one of the most important artifacts on display at the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel. This is the story of the Curzon, how it was once the jewel of the Soo-Spokane Train De Luxe, and how it was found, repatriated to Canada, restored and put on display at the Museum.

  1. The Soo-Spokane Train De Luxe and its Cars
  2. Inauguration & Route of the Train De Luxe — July 4, 1907
  3. Uses of the various cars after train discontinued in 1914
  4. Research begins on the "Soo-Spokane Train De Luxe"
  5. The Curzon located; its condition
  6. The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel Acquires the Curzon
  7. Moving the Curzon to Cranbrook
  8. Finding wheels and an underframe for the Curzon
  9. Moving the Curzon and x1413 to Cranbrook
  10. "Archeological Demolition" of x1413;
    wheels and an underframe for the Curzon
  11. Work on the exterior of the Curzon;
    Move of three cars onto the museum site
  12. Continuing work on the Curzon
  13. Restoring the Interior of the Curzon

APPENDIX I. Detailed list of cars built specially for the Soo-Spokane Train De Luxe in 1907

APPENDIX II. The Soo-Pacific concept of the Soo Line and the Canadian Pacific Railway