Omemee - Story of Another Railway Car (3 of 7)

Designation as Canadian Cultural Property;
its move to Cranbrook

Once this commitment had been obtained, the museum set about to have the car declared Canadian Cultural property, in the same manner as the Curzon, and as part of the Soo-Spokane Train Deluxe set. This was granted in 1995 along with funding equivalent to 80% of the purchase price, however the next two years were spent trying to obtain the 1/3 matching provincial funds — the same as had been done for the Curzon. In 1997, these funds were allocated, and the long and expensive process of moving the car to Canada began.

The same mover for the Curzon was used (Eugene Dombrowski). Coincidentally, he was related to Betty Osterlund. Lifting of the car began April 20/98, following the same legal and security precautions as the Curzon. The car was lifted and placed onto steel beams with wheels underneath, and moved by truck to the rail yard in Oshkosh. It was then loaded onto a special long flatcar for shipment to Canada and Cranbrook, following much the same route as the car would have used as part of the Soo Spokane Deluxe.

Omemee on a Flat Car