Omemee - Story of Another Railway Car (4 of 7)

Placement on the Museum site

In Cranbrook, the car was again set onto a steel chassis with wheels and moved by truck by Elvin Townsend, Housemover - the same person who had unloaded the Curzon in 1992. Since the Omemee did not have any wheels or supporting structure, or any similar frame such as the old work car x1413 used by the Curzon, it had to be blocked up immediately at the museum site for security reasons. It then had to wait for appropriate vintage wheel sets (trucks) to be installed later.

Barney and Smith trucks
Appropriate trucks were found near Seattle at the Snoqualmie Railway Museum and were purchased for the Omemee. These 11-ton (each) wheel assemblies were then moved by truck to Cranbrook and placed under the car for proper support. Extra steel was also introduced under the car for added strength and to ease stresses on the wooden body, but it was hidden to make the car appear as close to the original as possible.