Up The Arrow Lakes

"Strength imaged in the wooded hills,
A grand, primeval nature;
And beauty mirrored in the lake,
A gentler, softer feature."

It has been intimated already that we had some apprehensions about our comfort in this new and to us unknown portion of the 'foot-stool' and that we took a great deal of anxious thought about what we should eat and what we should drink and how we should be loged, and all the other things after which the Gentiles seek.

But the boat to which we were transferred at Arrowhead was a splendidly appointed steamer, with accommodating officials, and as we proved a little later, an elegant table with the best of service. We did not go hungry. We were not shipped over the Arrow lakes in a mud scow. It was a steamer immeasurably superior to any that ply upon the Lake of Lucerne or the Lake of Geneva, in Switzerland. Our fears vanished, and we settled ourselves to enjoy the voyage.

Crow's Nest Mountains

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