At Arrowhead


At Arrowhead our boat journey is finished, and the rest of the way is over a branch line to Revelstoke. You will be surprised to learn that there is a parlor car for this spur track , and that you are not consigned to a caboose attached to a freight train. One naturally expects some such calamity in a new and wild territory; yet ever convenience is provided for the hesitating and suspicious 'tender-foot.' This line follows in the main the course of the Columbia River, which sometimes broadens into great pools and again contracts into a narrow channel.

Thus Revelstoke is reached, a railway division point for the Soo-Pacific and the point where connection is made with the transcontinental trains to the East and West. The town was originally built upon the banks of the Columbia River, a mile and a half away, but has slowly straggled up to the station, with its population of 2,642 souls. Near the station is an excellent hotel, set upon a hill, and commanding a view of the Rockies on one side of the Gold Mountains on the other, and the wide valley of the Columbia lying between.

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