A House-Boat on the Kootenay Lakes

"Beautiful were thy shores
And manifold their outlines, here upswelling
In bossy green: there hung in slaty cliffs.
Black as if hewn from jet, and overtopped
With the dark cedar's tufts or new leaved birch."

AT Nelson, if one has made previous arrangements, a houseboat may be obtained for the lower or upper Kootenay lakes. Parties of eight can be accommodated on the houseboat owned by the Soo Pacific. The company will furnish you with a Chinese cook and such supplies as may be needed; will have one of their steamers tow you where you want to go and anchor your houseboat to the shore, whenever you please. This is an ideal way in which congenial persons may unite to spend a week or more. Or if the tourist does not wish to form a club with others for a houseboat party, the regular steamers will take him over the lakes in absolute comfort; for they are quite equal to the steamers on the Arrow lakes. Indeed, it is difficult to see how the traveler could be made uncomfortable anywhere in the Kootenay country.

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