Full Baggage car # 4481 (arrived 1979)

Exhibition Gallery programs (1979 - 1985)

Original Floor Plan and Interior of the # 4481

The # 4481 is a sister car to the # 4489 explained earlier, but the # 4481 had been converted to a full baggage car. It was purchased by the museum to use temporarily for multi-purpose functions because of its wide open spaces and non-fragile surfaces.

A Brief History of the # 4481 before its Arrival at the Museum

The # 4481 was changed to a full baggage car in the 1940's and then to a horse express car for the RCMP's Musical Ride in the 1950's. It was found in this condition in Quebec City in 1979, and donated and brought to Cranbrook gratis by the railway.

Work done on the # 4481 after its Arrival at the Museum

On arrival, this car was stripped of its metal clad interior (walls and cielings). This was made more difficult because of rusted screws. Upon removal, original window openings and metal clips for bulkhead panels were discovered and this is proof of its former status as a baggage-dormitory car. 14 oak plank horse stalls also survived and were removed - the wood used later in other projects. The well-worn wooden plank floor (covered with dried manure) was also removed to reveal a one inch-thick plywood sub-floor which was maintained as the final floor. All walls and ceiling were insulated and re-wired where possible, then the metal cladding was reinstalled and the ceiling painted flat black The walls were covered further by 3/4 ply covered with borax-treated burlap to reduce fire spread, and create a surface for flexible use, including the many exhibitions that were planned. Track lighting was installed along the ceiling, and more rigid insulation was applied with another covering of black material to provide increased lighting control for special effects. The 4 large baggage doors were repaired with glass reinstalled in the windows.

Having opened in late 1979 as an exhibition gallery car, this space has hosted more than 30 displays in local and touring arts and history. One of the most popular exhibits was on model railways. In 1986 the gallery function was stopped due to the visit of the train to Expo'86 where it was used as a gift shop and visitor reception area. After the train's return from that World Exposition, it was decided that the museum could not continue the program because of increased museum responsibilities and programming for a greater number of cars than had existed when # 4481 first arrived. The task of keeping the exhibition program was given to a separate society, which unfortunately survived only until 1990. In 1991, an arrangement was made with the Cranbrook Model Railway Group to build and maintain a model railway in this space. A long-held understanding with that group was that if the exhibition program could not be continued, the use of the car would go to the modellers. They still maintain an ever-growing model representing historic features of the Crowsnest Route of the Canadian Pacific Railway - a route which celebrated its centennial in1998. After its move to the larger Freight Shed facilities, the model will be relocated to the lower level of this building.

Work Yet to do on the # 4481 (as of 1999)

This car will not be used in the Trans-Canada Limited set, and its future is undetermined at this point. The original wheel sets will be traded with the modernized ones on the Rutherglen.

Other notes of the # 4481 (Yet to do)


The exhibition gallery programs held in this car included the following:

* The Exhibition Gallery Programs held in this car 1979 - 1985
(NOTE - Several historical exhibits are not listed )


 Date Source Title
October 1979 Vancouver Art Gallery How Now
October 1979 Local Paintings Ian Carley
November 1979 Local Kootenay Weavers Untitled
November 1979 Local Photography Brian Clarkson
November 1979 Regional Pottery Julius Maslovat
November 1979 Local Paintings Manwoman
December 1979 Local Glass World of Glass


Date  Source Title
 January 1980 Local Art Parkland Students
January 1980 Local Art Laurie Students
January 1980 Local Art Mount Baker
February 1980 Local Art Joe Cross
March 1980 Local History Model Railways
April 1980 Emily Carr College of Art Children's Art
April/May 1980 Vancouver Art Gallery Untitled
May 1980 Local Art Parkland Students
Jun 1980 Local Art Laurie Students
June 1980 Local Art Mount Baker
July-September 1980 Local History Early Cranbrook PhotoDisplay
October 1980 Local Photography Various Individuals
November 1980 Emily Carr College of Art Prints Exhibit
November 1980 Local Paintings Various Individuals
December 1980 Vancouver Art Gallery Art Hockey
December 1980 University of Victoria Watercolours & Prints


 Date Source Title
January 1981 Local History Model railways
February 1981 Regional Paintings Catherine Haynes
March 1981 Local Art 3 Dimensional
March/April 1981 Local Art Tri-School Students
May 1981 Local Art Line Drawings
July 1981 Glenbow Museum Photos Rodeo
July 1981 Local Paintings Various Individuals
August/September 1981 Local History Restoration at the Museum
October/November 1981 Emily College of Art B.C. Young Artists
November 1981 Regional Photography A. Larson
December 1981 University of Victoria B.C. Artists' Drawings










 Date Source Title
January 1982 Local Art Cranbrook Art Group
February 1982 Vancouver Art Gallery Maxwell Bates
February/March 1982 Local Art Elementary Students
March 1982 Local Art Professional Artists
March 1982 Regional Art Ink and Watercolours
 April 1982 University of Victoria Hogarth & Wirschey
April/May 1982 Regional Art Railroad Art
May 1982 Local Art Tri-School Students
June 1982 Emily carr College of Art Print Making & Print Mobile
July-October 1982 Local History Cranbrook & Col. Baker
November 1982 Local Art Manwoman
November 1982 Local Art Rutko/Tervin
December 1982 Local Art Cross/Drysdale
December 1982 Regional Art Marcile Campbell


 Date Source Title
January 1983 Local Art Cranbrook Art Group
February 1983 Local History Model Reilways
March 1983 Local Art Elementary Students
April/May 1983 Local Art Kootenay Weavers
May 1983 Local Art Secondary Students
June-September 1982 Local History Historic Photo Display
October 1983 Local Art Jack McLEan
October 1983 Local Art Nina Passarello
November 1983 Local Phtotgraphy Doug Warenko
November 1983 Local Art Joe Cross







 Date Source Title
January 1984 Local History Model Railways & the Crowsnest
February 1984 Local Art Siegfried Henke
February/March 1984 Local Art Elementary Students
March 1984 Regional Art East Kootenay Federation of Canadian Artists
April 1984 Local History Special Restoration Tours of Cars
April 1984 Emily Carr College of Art B.C. Young Artists
April/May 1984 Local Art Secondary Students
June-August 1984 Local history Cronbrook Historical Exhibit
September/October 1984 Local Sculptor Aileen Graham
October 1984 Local Art Bill Lindell
October 1984 Local Art Jo Cross' Students
November 1984 Local Art Ian Carley
December 1984 Local Art Pam Drysdale
December 1984 Local Art Manwoman


 Date Source Title
January 1985 Local Art Keith & Arlene Smith
February/March 1985 Local Art Yvonne Vigne
March 1985 Local Art Elementary School Art
April 1985 Regional Art Elaine & Andy Alfoly
april/May 1985 Regional Pottery Julius Maslovat
May 1985 Local Art Secondary Students
June-September 1985 Local History Historical Cranbrook Exhibit (2)
September 1985 B.C. Heritage Trust Heritage Conservation






(Balance of 1985 and all of 1986 not done due to Expo/86 in o preparations and exhibit of trains at Vancouver)

# HISTORIC & RELATED EXHIBITS = 7 (plus several not recorded)

1985 (late) - stopped for the year tp prepare train for exhibit at Expo'86
1986 - stopped for the year for the exhibit of the train at Expo'86
1987 - 1989 - used by the Art Gallery Society (no records exist on exhibitions)
1990 - model railway begun with "gold spike"opening this permanent display in 1991

Gallery History:

As curatorial and museological responsibilities increased at the Museum (ie. maintenance, permanent railcar exhibits restoration, and programming of the historic railcars), there was less time to devote to temporary exhibitions since there was not a corresponding increase in staff. Exhibits were made longer in duration (minimum 3 weeks) as opposed to 2 or even 1 week when the Gallery first opened. In 1985, the entire museum went to Expo'86 in Vancouver and was closed in Cranbrook for the year. The gallery program was discontinued on return to Cranbrook due to a dramatic increase in museum artifact exhibit and care. A newly-formed "Art Gallery Society" tried to operate the gallery schedule for a couple of years in the late 1980's, but could not offer consistent programs due to insufficient staffing, so the gallery ceased. A 10-year understanding with the Model Railway Group in Cranbrook saw this space transferred to them in 1990, with the model opening full time to the public in 1991. This model is due to be relocated to the Freight Shed lower floor in the near future, and baggage car # 4481 retired from use.

FUTURE - new "temporary exhibition galleries" of about 2,800 square feet and 500 linear feet of exhibition walls are now being built in the rennovated / restored Freight Shed, with new travelling exhibitions and local programming in arts and history to begin once the museum has completed these new facilities.

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