Day Parlour Car # 6751 (arrived 1989) (1 of 3)

Original Floor Plan and Interior Finishes of # 6751


Car # 6751 was one of 11 steel day parlour cars (# 6750-6760) built between 1928 and 1930. These were put into service in several locations, including the Trans-Canada Limited between Ottawa and Montreal. The design of Car # 6751 was based on normal parlour car designs for that period, however, the main room was made slightly larger than most cars of this style and contained 30 overstuffed plush upholstered chairs.

At the A-end of the car was a men's smoking and wash room with a sofa, an attached toilet room, and a hallway alongside it. The main parlour room containing the two lines of parlour chairs, was also headed by a beautiful sideboard with a small writing desk beside it. Since the car was for day use only, overhead brass racks allowed for storage of hats, suitcases and coats, etc. At the other end of this room, a portal from the central aisle contained a small drinking fountain. This led to a small aisle which bypassed a very small ladies' room containing one seat and an attached toilet room.

  The interiors were finished in quarter-sawn Honduran Mahogany. Simple marquetry border designs were placed on the panels between and above the windows. Five large brass decorative grills covered vents in the upper ceilings and double-globed brass fixtures attached to the lower edge of the clerestory provided lighting at night.

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